Dr Tim Sharp is Australia’s very own ‘Dr Happy’, at the forefront of the positive psychology movement and founder of The Happiness Institute.

From the blog

It’s hard to be happy if … you don’t like yourself! Happiness, therefore, needs to start with oneself; happiness, therefore, requires real and meaningful self-esteem. And here are 5 ways you can build more of it… via TED Ideas by Guy Winch Everyone is in favor......

I’ve been saying for many, many years now that … … happiness requires little more than practising a few simple disciplines, each and every day. Happiness is, therefore, the result of our habits! And this great article via Time offers 20 simple happiness habits from......

from my Monday Morning (free) eNewsletter (you can sign up HERE) If you keep on doing what you’ve always done… …you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got! By definition, most of the people and organisations with whom I’ve worked over the last few years......

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