Dr. Happy
Dr Happy

Does your team or organisation need a shot of happiness?

Does your conference or event need some positivity?

Are you ready to choose to be happy & fulfilled, productive and successful now?

Read what Belinda Winter (Director - People and Corporate Relations) of Novo Nordisk had to say:

In 2008, we worked with Dr. Tim Sharp from the Happiness Institute on a variety of levels. As keynote speaker for our organisation conference in March, conducting a Happiness Index survey with our organisation, linking through to our leadership forum and ensuring that the positive psychology principles were applied consistenty from leaders throughout our organisation and finally Dr. Tim worked with our team in conjunction with his latest book “100 ways to happiness – a guide for busy people" at our Boost conference in November.  Our employee’s feedback was extremely positive of Dr. Tim who was engaging, dynamic and provided a platform to think creatively around just one small change in the workplace by employees can have huge  benefits to overall engagement, wellbeing and positivity to make for an even more productive workplace.

At the forefront of the exciting new science of positive psychology, Dr. Happy (a.k.a. Dr. Timothy Sharp) is one of Australia's leaders in the fields of psychological well-being and happiness.  He's qualified, informative and entertaining. In fact, read what Mike Doyle (CEO - Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority) said about one of Dr. Sharp...

Dr. Sharp's presentation to the Leadership Team was absolutely fabulous, it was just the presentation we needed. During our discussions the next day, we regularly referred back to Tim's comments and ideas. Post the workshop, the same is true and I've witnessed a personal change in attitude among a number of the participants.  The Leadership Team were unanimous in their view that 2007 was the best Business Planning Workshop yet and I'm delighted to say Tim's presentation played a significant part.
And from Andrew Kein, one of Australia's leading conference MC's...

“Tim’s presentation was fresh, funny, informative and perfect for the audience in need of something entertaining and thought-provoking at the end of a long day". As someone who sees lots of conference speakers each week, it was refreshing to hear someone deliver some simple truths in such an engaging and relaxed fashion. The delegates were passionately talking about his presentation all the next day."

Dr. Sharp has 3 degrees in psychology (including a PhD and a Masters Degree) and he's an Adjunct Professor at UTS School of Business as well as RMIT School of Health Sciences.  He's also a bestselling author and as you can see from the comments above, a highly sought after corporate speaker. When he's not writing or speaking he advises organisations on how to care for, and get the most out of their people.

After all, is there any more valuable asset to a company than its people?

PS: you can follow Dr. Sharp at http://twitter.com/drhappy and read his regular blog (from the link on this page)