Dr Tim Sharp is Australia’s very own ‘Dr Happy’, at the forefront of the positive psychology movement and founder of The Happiness Institute.

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Happiness is about accepting what is. But happiness is also about changing and improving what’s amenable to change and improvement. So many don’t enjoy as much happiness (or health or wellbeing) as they could because they procrastinate; they wait for others; they wait for the......

from my weekly eNewsletter … What do you think will bring you happiness?  …more money? …a bigger house? …a faster car? …nicer clothes? …more “stuff”? When many people finish the sentence, “I’ll be happy when…?” they often think of the BIG things; and they often......

via Coach.Nine.com.au by Kimberley Gillan (and with quotes from me!)  Why wait until a holiday to slow down and switch off? Experts say that if we can bring some of those vacation vibes into our every day life, we’d all be much better off. Holidays......

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