Happiness Tip

Happiness Tip

Happiness is sometimes saying “No”…and sometimes saying “Yes”!

As I’ve contemplated New Year’s resolutions, for myself and for my clients, I’ve been reminded of the need to be assertive in response to requests from others. Our happiness is at least partly determined by what we do when asked to assist, comply with, respond to, or collaborate with a colleague or friend. When we do things we don’t want to do, or things we feel are not consistent with our purpose or morals, we’ll impact on our happiness levels.

So say “no” to as many things as possible that you believe are – immoral, unethical, incompatible with your goals, unimportant, depressing or stressful.

Say “yes” to as many things as possible that you believe will be – fun, exciting, challenging, novel, stimulating, satisfying or enjoyable.

Sounds simple but as you probably already realise…some things are easier said than done. Nevertheless, give it your best shot because your happiness depends on it (and let us know how you fare and/or any thoughts you have on this topic).