Sometimes happiness requires hard work

Sometimes happiness requires hard work

I’m guessing that many of you have, like me, been socialising more than usual over the last few festive weeks and if so, you may well have been reminded, like me, how much fun it is to catch up with good friends.

For many, including me, friendships and happiness are closely related.

At the same time, however, for many (including me) maintaining friendships is not always easy and catching up with friends can be extremely difficult and even complex given the fact we all seem to be so busy these days. Accordingly, keeping in touch can be hard work at times…

…but it’s certainly worth it.

Just like a garden needs to be tended on a regular basis so too do friendships need constant attention. This takes time and planning…two variables that are important contributors to happiness.

So if you want happiness be prepared to put the hard yards in. If you do, you’ll certainly reap what you sow!