A Happiness story for the birdlovers

A Happiness story for the birdlovers

This story has little, if anything to do with happiness life coaching. In fact, it has only an indirect connection with happiness…but for something a bit different I thought I’d provide you with the first few paragraphs of this story and below, a link to the full article.

Ask any gardener or bird lover which bird they would most like to have living in their yard or garden. Their answer would be the bluebird.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but what is there about these little birds of blue?

Is it because they bring color, excitement and adventure to our lives, backyards or gardens?

I have often heard many bluebirders speak with relish about their luck in just having them around each spring.

I hear the wonder and amazement they have witnessed as they watch and tend their birds. With anticipation and child-like joy they hope to open their boxes and find the little eggs of light blue inside.

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