New Happiness Life Coaching Programs

New Happiness Life Coaching Programs

The Happiness Institute is excited to invite you to register for our latest happiness life coaching programs.

1. Happiness – Strategies for a great life!

This is a five week program teaching optimistic thinking and strategies for building positive relationships; it also covers how to identify and utilise your strengths and enjoy life’s fascinating journey. You’ll love this informative and inspiring course so get in quick before the last few spots are gone!

2. Mindfulness Meditation and Happiness

According to some of the most exciting research into health and happiness, meditation is one of the few skills we can practice to significantly enhance our happiness levels; and the good news is that anyone can learn to be mindful and to meditate! Mindfulness is essentialy wakefulness so join this introductory program to learn how you can start to make the most of every unique moment and enjoy more satisfaction and happiness.

Find out more about these happiness coaching courses and register by clicking on the link below and going to the “Courses” page: