The secret to happiness!

The secret to happiness!

I thought you might find the following story, from Lionel Ketchian’s Happ-E newsletter:

There has been quite a bit of talk about the book, The Secret. The book is also available as an audio book on CD and a movie on DVD. Some of the people who wrote parts for The Secret have been seen on Larry King and Oprah. The Secret is a book by Rhonda Byrne. The Secret is all about making one point and that is the Law of Attraction and features many people providing their comments and stories.

What is the law of attraction? I define the law of attraction as being aligned within yourself to draw the very best towards you. Some may call it the law of manifestation. I think that simple faith, which the bible talks about, is exactly what the law of attraction is. What you think about, without getting in the way of, is what you can bring into being. You get to see what you want because you are drawing it toward you, without blocking it with negative thoughts and actions.

The book talks about seeing parking spaces close to the entrance of shopping malls and stores with crowded parking. I have been visualizing great parking spaces for so long they had to create handicapped parking so I would not get the very first space next to the entrance. Now I get the space next to the handicapped space. I am much happier getting this space because I like to see people who need that first space get it or at least have it be available to them.

Every time you say, “what a crowded parking area, I will never find a space here,” you prevent yourself from even having a chance of finding a good space. O’ you of little faith! Come on, let’s lighten up and start thinking a little more positively. Instead of saying to yourself, “I’ll believe it when I see it, start telling yourself, “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

Over the years, the secret has been know by other names as well. For example, the word visualization was used to show how to draw what you wanted toward yourself. A great book on this was called: Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.

You have probably heard of affirmations as well. Affirmations are a great way to achieve what you want. The best way to do this is to write your thoughts down on paper. You would be surprised how well this works, once you write it down. The process of repeating an affirmation may seem slow at first, but there is a great deal of power in your affirmations, if you do them correctly and consistently.

The main thing to do, whether it is using the law of attraction, of manifestation, of visualization, of affirmation or just plain faith, is to act as though you have received it already. Don’t say, “I want to be healthy, I want to be wealthy, I want to be happy.” That’s not a present moment intention. Instead, you can start saying, I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am happy. The secret is to think and act like you have already received your desire now in this present moment. If you are not experiencing it now, then you are working against yourself, and you are decreasing your odds of having what you want.

I want to make this last and most important point to you. Attracting what you want is a great thing, believe me. Once you have perfected the law of attraction you can use it as a power of giving it out to others. If someone wants something, you can send it to him or her. Happiness is very much this kind of power. Once you have used the law of attraction and are being happy you can give it to others. It seems that this point was not made in the book, The Secret.

It has been said that it is better to give than to receive. Actually, giving and receiving are both important. Maybe you can open both channels for yourself. While you are attracting things you want and need, you can just as easily start giving to others. Seeing others receiving something they need is a joy in itself.

So what’s the secret to your happiness?