Happiness and doing nothing

Happiness and doing nothing

I talk a lot about happiness and those who’ve heard me speak know that I place a lot of emphasis on the doing, not just the thinking. As important as contemplation and reflection are, so too is action and application vitally important.

But having just returned from a long-weekend floating down Sydney’s Hawkesbury River in a houseboat I’ve been reminded that it’s important also not to forget the wonderful benefits of doing nothing!

As strange as it might seem, doing nothing doesn’t come easily to me (or to many people in “Western Society”). I derive much (although not all) of my happiness from achievement and so find the pure pleasures of rest and relaxation quite a challenge (hence my fascination with and study of meditation).

But this weekend I can h0nestly say that I was very happy…doing virtually nothing!

Why? Because doing nothing allows thought; doing nothing allows for time connecting with others (in this case eating, sitting, playing and just being with my wife and children without the usual distractions of music or TV or something else).

I’ve not changed my mind that happiness predominately comes from “doing” but I do think happiness also comes (at times) from appropriately “doing nothing”. Think about it and let me know your thoughts…