Getting to the bottom of happiness

Getting to the bottom of happiness

The question of what happiness really means and how it can be achieved has been a topic of deep human thought since Greek philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato began to discuss the true meaning of “eudaimonia,” the Greek word for happiness.

They said the experience of happiness is satisfying and pleasurable but in order to be truly happy in life, pleasure should not be the ultimate goal. They believed that an excess of materialism or physical pleasure would ultimately lead people away from happiness, instead of to it.

A study reported in the most current issue of ‘scientific American: Mind,” shows that these Greek philosophers were right in suggesting that happiness does not follow financial success.

The study found that though the average American’s wealth has tripled since 1950, happiness rates have not followed the same trend, but rather have remained unchanged, which illustrates the human tendency to habituate to material goods and return to a set point of happiness after their basic human needs have been met.

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