Five keys to career happiness

Five keys to career happiness

Take it from experience. Consultant John Izzo did. After interviewing more than 200 people aged 60 to 105, he discovered some common themes about how to find contentment and purpose on the job.

Bob Peart remembers well the day his father, a respected anesthesiologist, was feted by a local hospital to celebrate his 20,000th anesthetic procedure.

On the way home, Mr. Peart asked his father how it felt to celebrate more than 25 years as a doctor. He was taken aback by the response.

“I would rather have been an accountant,” Dr. Peart replied. “The most fun I ever had in my practice was keeping the books.”

At that moment, Mr. Peart, then in his 20s, vowed that, in deciding his own career path, he’d never look back and say he wished he’d done something else with his life.

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