Happiness and worry

Happiness and worry

Last night my wife and I were chatting about a few things both of us had on our minds; nothing significant but just the range of normal, daily worries all of us have to manage in life.

The conversation turned to happiness and worry and how easy it is for most people to find things about which to worry.

It was then that I asked her, ‘so what then about happiness?”

And she quickly responded, “having worries doesn’t mean I’m not happy!”

As she often does, she illustrated quite perfectly a key principle of positive psychology and of happiness; and that is that happiness and worry (or, for that matter, other negative emotions or processes) are not mutually exclusive. One can experience happiness despite negativity as long as the negativity does not over-power the positivity and as long as you’re living your life with purpose, values, integrity and respect.

So do you have worries? Well, that shouldn’t exclude happiness!