Pet theory brings happiness

Pet theory brings happiness

The following happiness article features…me!

July 02, 2007 12:00am

DOES this photograph make you smile? If so, you’re one of the 55 per cent of Australians who say they are suckers for cute kids and puppies.

The old adage “money can’t buy happiness” has been confirmed yet again by a survey that found 94 per cent of Australians said things other than wealth and money made them smile.

Children and babies topped the list at 33 per cent, followed by family and friends at 28 per cent, and pets and animals at 22 per cent. Wealth and money came in last: only 6 per cent said this made them smile.

Happiness Institute founder Dr Timothy Sharp said the findings were consistent with scientific research.

“There are certain things that trigger an innate response across all cultures and across all people,” he said.

“You could show almost anyone in the world, no matter where they’re from, a picture of a cute little kitten or young child with a smile on its face, and it would make them feel happy.

“The positive emotions we might get from wealth and material possessions is only ever short-lived because humans have this fantastic ability to adapt, and whenever we get something we get used to it.”

Centro Properties Group carried out the survey to coincide with its photographic Smile with Centro campaign.

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