Happiness – and other people

Happiness – and other people

At The Happiness Institute we”re constantly reminding people that happiness is not a solo endeavor but rather, something that’s far more fun when other’s are involved. That is, happiness should not be a selfish pursuit but one that takes into account our relationships with other people.

There’s no doubt that happy people have more, and better quality relationships and the good news is that you can, if you want to enhance your happiness, work on improving the interactions and inter-relationships in your life.

In his wonderful new book, “Why Good Things Happen to Good People”, Stephen Post (with Jill Neimark) begins by recommending that we consider at least four domains of relationships: family, friends, community and humanity. Within these four realms, he then encourages us to consider 10 ways to “be good”, all of which have received considerable scientific support. That is, they work!

According to Post, the 10 most effective ways of giving and loving are:

1. Celebration (appreciating the good in others)

2. Generativity (developing others)

3. Forgiveness (forgiving others)

4. Courage (standing up for what’s right, with others)

5. Humour (having fun with others)

6. Respect (understand and empathise with others)

7. Compassion (understand and love others)

8. Loyalty (love others over time)

9. Listening (hearing others)

10. Creativity (being spontaneous with others)

So go forth and be goodê¢__‘Ô_because if you are, then both you and all those around you will enjoy more happiness!