Do you see yourself as a happy person?

Do you see yourself as a happy person?

I just read a short article on self-esteem and as is often the case, I couldn’t help but think about the applications to happiness.

How do you see yourself? What place does happiness take in your own personal vision of you, your world and others?

You see the way we think about ourselves and others is, in simple terms, the result of what others might have said to us, how they responded to things we did and what sense we’ve made of all the crazy sometimes inconsistent things that take place around us.

But some of the things others have said might not be true; some of the conclusions we’ve drawn might be mistaken; and as such, our perception of happiness may well be inaccurate.

But the good news is that you can change the way you think about yourself and most importantly, you can change the way you view yourself and your relationship with happiness. Just because you’ve developed certain beliefs up until now does not mean you have to continue to hold onto these beliefs into the future.

If you want to think of yourself having more happiness then you can!

How? Start learning about how to change the perceptions you have of yourself; start learning how to define and re-define happiness; start learning how to boost your happiness.

Some suggestions:

– check out the resources on our website (we have a range of books and workbooks you can buy but also, lots of free tips sheets)

– check out our courses and coaching options

– talk to your friends about how they think about happiness and see what you can learn from them

Whichever option you choose just choose…and then do something!