Happiness & economic prosperity

Happiness & economic prosperity

Stop the treadmill, we want to get off

September 26, 2007

The rat race to prosperity has done wonders for the economy, but Australia’s wage slaves are battling to maintain their happiness, writes Matt Wade.

It feels like we’re both earning really good money, but we’re both pushing shit uphill trying to get ahead.” That’s what Tanya, a young undecided voter from the marginal western Sydney electorate of Lindsay, told Herald pollsters when asked to comment on how her life was going.

Like other participants in recent focus group discussions, she recognised her rising wealth but indicated it was coming at a price.

Rachel, a divorcee with young children from the same electorate, was also ambivalent: “I think we are our own worst enemies – we’re too greedy. We’re too materialistic.”

Reactions like these highlight a paradox at play in the electorate. For many, Australia’s unprecedented national prosperity has not necessarily translated into contentment.

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