Can money buy happiness? A spoof…

Can money buy happiness? A spoof…

Sometimes happiness means having a laugh at yourself…so in the interests of humour and our own happiness I hope you enjoy this rather funny and irreverant contribution to the money/happiness debate!

Many people believe that money can’t buy happiness while others believe that money CAN buy happiness. Who is right …?

A survey of 1 million Americans shows that 95% of those surveyed believe money CAN buy happiness. The Giddyap Happiness Poll, released today, shows that only 5% believe money cannot buy happiness. The 5% who believed that money can’t buy happiness were either rich … or dumb.

Among people who thought that money can buy happiness the following reasons were given: if you had a lot of money you can buy or build your dream house, you can afford college tuition, you can drive a fine luxury vehicle, you can tell you boss to take-this-job-and-shove-it, you can feed your family AND afford medical insurance, and you can be popular and have a lot of friends who love you.

A spokesperson for Therapists Of The Rich And Famous stated, “If you are poor and crazy, people will say you are a menace to society. If you are rich and crazy, people will say you are simply eccentric.”

Whether or not you believe that money can buy happiness, it is a well-known fact that happiness can’t buy money.

copyright 2007 Andrew Lawrence

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