Happiness in retirement

Happiness in retirement

Seven steps to a happy retirement

Jennifer Newman and Darryl Grigg

For CanWest News Service

Published: Saturday, November 17, 2007

Retirement can be a dream come true or a nightmare, depending on the retiree. While some count the days until they hit the links, the garden or the beach, others dread the prospect of no longer working.

A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology concludes that the more we value our work role and function effectively in it, the more self-worth we derive. The prospect of not having the job, the role and the sense of belonging and accomplishment that comes from working can be daunting for some.

The study’s author, Mo Wang of Portland University, Department of Psychology, observes that retirement is a transition from our work and career roles to stronger family and community member roles. Yet, the losses experienced due to retirement can cause people to feel anxious and depressed.

However, retirement is a transition that most will encounter and enhancing one’s well-being in retirement is important. This can be easier, of course, for workers who hate their job or have other outlets for achievement and positive self identity. Workers who perform physical labour may also find retirement a relief and a happy time.

So how do you prepare for a happy retirement? Wang’s study of 2,060 people between the ages of 51 and 61, conducted over an eight year period, offers these tips:

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