Holiday happiness

Holiday happiness

The holiday season is one that most of us look forward to but for many, it can also be a time of stress. Although most of us simply want to relax there can be many things to do and many people to see (some of whom we might not even want to spend time with)!

With this in mind I”m happy to provide the following holiday tips which I hope will help you experience more happiness this festive season.

– Keep things simple: don”t try to do too much

– Remember your priorities: focus on what’s important

– Try to stay healthy: enjoy yourself but don”t neglect to look after yourself

– If you”re feeling stressed, keep things in perspective

– Appreciate what you have: and don”t focus on what you don”t have

– Be nice: to everyone!

– Focus on the best in others: and tolerate the worst

– Use your strengths, those things you”re best at, to get through busy times

– Have fun!

If you have other ideas about how to experience more happiness this holiday season please feel free to post your thoughts!