Happiness – when less is more

Happiness – when less is more

Less is more on the happiness front

Happiness is seeing things as they are and not as we want them to be, writes Christina Reihill

By Christina Reihill

Sunday March 23 2008

ANEW book Enough: Breaking Free From The World Of More by John Naish states that the pursuit of happiness leads to misery and if you read it, it could do.

A spiritual teaching on happiness tells the story of a man crawling around under a lamp post late at night.

A friend passes by and asks him what he’s doing.

“I dropped my key,” says the man, “and I’m looking for it.”

“Let me help you” says his friend.

The man and his friend search for the key for almost an hour, but can’t find it. Eventually, the friend says, “it doesn’t seem to be here. Are you sure that this is where you dropped it?”

“Oh no,” says the man, “I dropped it in the garden.”

“Then why are we looking under the lamp post? asked the friend.

“There’s more light here” answers the man.

Comment: I’ve not seen this book nor heard anything about it but this review sounds like it’s well worth finding out more. To read the rest of this article – click here