The Happiness Decision

The Happiness Decision

Please find and enjoy below the following wonderful article (and suggestion) by my friend and colleague in happiness, Lionel Ketchion…


After reading the wonderful new book called Thanks! How the new science of gratitude can make you happier by Robert Emmons, Ph.D., I realized something very important. In this incredibly valuable book, Dr. Emmons referred to a research study regarding people vowing to perform a behavior. This was a study done with people attending a local YMCA. They decided to participate in a Twelve-Week Personal Fitness Program to “exercise three days per week for twelve weeks and beyond at the Y.” It turned out that those who swore an oath to exercise, did better than the rest of the groups in this study.

It seems that by taking an oath, especially in front of others we will increase our likelihood of doing what we say we want to do. This brings me to The Happiness Decision.

According to this study and Dr. Emmons, we are more likely to keep our promises when we take an oath. Taking the oath before others, increases the probability that we will keep it. Furthermore, posting your oath in places where you will see it during the day, further insures that you will keep your oath.

Here is The Happiness Decision

I, ______ Do solemnly Decide to adopt the Happiness Decision by BEING HAPPY NOW. Rather than react to my problems, I will use Happiness to Respond to them forsaking all negative thoughts. Regardless of circumstances, IN ALL WAYS I WILL Choose Happiness for the rest of MY LIFE.

Signed ________

Date _________

Many people told me that they took the Happiness Decision oath or pledge and posted it on their refrigerator. This allows them to renew what they want to experience in their lives. Once you write something down on paper, it is one of the best ways to allow it to manifest itself. Do something about your happiness. Signing and posting this Happiness Decision can create and draw towards you the happiness intention you are seeking.

Happiness means that you are practicing emotional competence. This means that you have the ability to make good choices from a healthy and happy state of mind. Happiness is a method of reassuring yourself that you have the wisdom to think clearly about whatever happens. Happiness means that you can trust yourself to make the best choices, thus, getting you where you want to go. Happiness allows you to live the life you choose to live. By choosing happiness, you do not have to allow yourself to be forced into acting the way your family, friends, and loved ones think you should. Happiness gives you the ability to take action, and you become comfortable with who you are. Happiness means that you can realize the best of health as a result of maintaining a positive attitude. Happiness means finding out that you are really okay. It means that you trust yourself, because you know how to live.

Happiness means doing what you can, when you can, rather than waiting for something to change on its own. Happiness means finding a solution to a problem, then making the best choice for now. Happiness means never volunteering to make yourself a victim. Happiness means that you become proactive, using wisdom and common sense to make the change you want to occur in the next moment, rather than react to the moment from your past conditioning.

Happiness means that you can access new habits to empower yourself. It means that you can tap into the power toê¢__‘Ô_just do it! Happiness means that you can deal with difficult people. It means that you have the capacity to deal with anger should it arise. Happiness means that you can cope with fear and anxiety, because you can see your way through it. It means that you can stop feeling guilty and let go of the past. Happiness means that you can forgive people and stop labeling them. It means that you are freeing yourself of self-doubt and despair.

Happiness means that you can change for the better without feeling helpless. It means that you can learn new skills because nothing is holding you back any longer. Happiness means that you can come to the decision that unhappiness is not an option. It means that you can experience who you really are. Happiness means that you may learn more about your life, and your relationships.

Happiness is the most powerful decision you can make. Happiness gets you what you want in life. Happiness means that you value peace. It means that you have found peace within. Being happy means that you will be able to spread it to others in a peaceful way.

I learned many things from Dr. Emmons book Thanks. For example: if your tell a friends and family what you are doing, it increases your chances of realizing your goal. If you share your goal with a friend, you are even more likely to achieve it. Make the Happiness Decision with a friend, this way you can both support one another and keep each other on track. Bring a friend with you to a Happiness Club meeting and share your success with them. Many people now bring a relative or a friend to the meetings. Sharing happiness with another is a positive and productive fun way of increasing happiness for you.

BE HAPPY ZONE by Lionel Ketchian.