Happiness and parenting

Happiness and parenting

8 ways to be a happier mom

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Study: Moms rate child care only slightly higher than housework on enjoyment scale

To be a happy mom, value what you do, find ways to add fun

Acknowledge anger, frustration, irritation; they’re normal emotions

Take the long view; remind yourself that unpleasant times are temporary

By Robert Barnett

Ask a mom if she’s happier now that she has a child, and she’ll usually say yes. But psychologists who study happiness often report a different picture. Being the mom of a young child (especially one under 3) is rewarding, but also a real strain on your mood.

Kids bring joy, says happiness expert Daniel Gilbert, but they don’t increase your average daily enjoyment.

“Moment to moment, you may be exhausted, frustrated, sometimes angry,” says Peter Ubel, M.D., a professor of medicine and psychology at the University of Michigan. In fact, on their list of pleasurable activities, moms rank child care lower than eating, exercising, or watching TV, according to a University of Michigan study. And kid care rates only slightly higher than housework, working, or commuting!

“Kids do bring joy,” says Daniel Gilbert, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Harvard University and author of ‘stumbling on Happiness.” “They bring transcendent moments that outweigh all the hard work. It’s just that children do not increase your average daily enjoyment.”

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