Holidays are the secret to happiness at work

Holidays are the secret to happiness at work

Did you know that the world will fall apart if you take a vacation this year? That’s right – stop spinning on its axis. The oceans will run dry and the birds will fall by the thousands out of the trees.

OK, that sounds ridiculous. But we sometimes get so caught up in our own work we truly believe that we can’t take time away. So, we put our shoulders to the wheel, getting more stressed and less productive every day.

And even those who do manage to pack the bags and head for some time away often lug with them their computer, BlackBerry, phone and files. It’s estimated by that at least one in five Americans work while on vacation. The problem is that while some may think it’s a good strategy, it doesn’t allow you to maximize the real benefit of time away.

Specifically, vacation time not only allows your body to physically relax and recharge, which is critical to your long-term health, but it also allows you to become more valuable to your employer.

In an annual survey, more than half the workers surveyed who take vacation find they not only feel more rested and rejuvenated after a vacation, but 40 percent feel better about their jobs and say they are more productive.

Now that it’s clear that taking vacation is critical for you not only personally and professionally, let’s look at ways to make you not only feel better about taking the time away, but to make sure the world doesn’t crumble in your absence:

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