The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

by Frank Furedi | August 07, 2008

The Australian

TEN years ago I would not have envisaged that I would need to lecture or write about happiness. Nor would I have imagined that political parties and governments would be enthusing about policies promoting happiness as the big idea of the 21st century.

Happiness has become the objective of a powerful crusade. Its advocates insist on making us happy whether we like it or not. Richard Layard, leading prophet of this crusade, has stated that it needs “a cadre” of ‘specialist teachers acting as proselytes and high priests of the movement” to see through the “educational revolution”.

The prominence achieved by the happiness campaign is underwritten by some important cultural forces.

It resonates with the growing influence of anti-consumerism…

So begins an interesting article in todays The Australian. Now I should say that there’s much in this article I strongly disagree with but in the interests of sharing a diverse range of opinions about happiness I thought I would, nevertheless, draw your attention to it here.

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In short, none of the leaders in the happiness or positive psychology coaching movement advocate forcing people to be happy; nor are we trying to brainwash children. Instead, we’re simply trying to promote principles that have been proven to be beneficial. Just like many now advocate exercise and healthy eating as being vitally important for the growth and wellbeing of us all, so too are the happiness principles derived from the science of positive psychology vitally important for preventing stress and depression, as well as promoting flourishing and wellness.