10 Steps to Happiness from Dan Pink

10 Steps to Happiness from Dan Pink

Dan Pink is one of the world’s most respected thought leaders so when he starts referring to happiness and positive psychology we can be confident that it’s being taken seriously!

Alternet gleans several years of research from the field of positive psychology to reveal “10 Things Science Says will Make You Happy.” The list, paraphrased, is:

1. Stop and enjoy the present.

2. Don”t compare yourself to the Joneses.

3. Don”t obsess over money.

4. Aspire to leave an imprint.

5. Be intrinsically motivated on the job.

6. Build a supportive network of family and friends

7. Act optimistic even if you have to fake it.

8. Gratitude, baby, gratitude.

9. Exercise is all good.

10. Givers gain.