Happiness at work = Success

Happiness at work = Success

A researcher from Kansas State University says employers should be concerned with the well-being of their employees because it could be the underlying factor to success.

Thomas Wright, professor of management at K-State and the Jon Wefald Leadership Chair in Business Administration, found when employees have high job satisfaction and levels of psychological well-being, they perform better and are less likely to leave their job. This makes happiness important for obtaining a larger, more positive outcome.

“The benefits of a psychologically well work force are quite consequential to employers, especially so in our highly troubled economic environment,” Wright said. ‘simply put, psychologically well employees are better performers. Since higher employee performance is inextricably tied to an organization’s bottom line, employee well-being can play a key role in establishing a competitive advantage.”

Happiness is a wide word, and it’s subjective to the individual. However, a person’s well-being usually involves positive emotions, such as joy and interest. It is usually absent of negative emotions, such as apathy and sadness, Wright added.

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