Positive Psychology, Happiness and … Love

Positive Psychology, Happiness and … Love

Love is ê¢__‘Ô_ (according to Fredrickson!)

By Dave Shearon

Positive Psychology News Daily

Love is ê¢__‘Ô_ . From that sentence stub, poets, philosophers, and psychologists have taken flight. Now, Barbara Fredrickson gives us a new angle on love in her book Positivity. Our readers are likely familiar with Dr. Fredrickson’s “Broaden and Build” theory of positive emotions: While experiencing positive emotions, we broaden our thought/action repertoires and build physical, psychological, and social resources for the future. In Positivity, Dr Fredrickson explains this theory, summarizes some of the research that has failed to falsify it, and also describes the 3:1 minimum ratio for flourishing established by Marcial Losada’s mathematics and empirically verified by her data.

She also discusses the 10 positive emotions that her research subjects have recounted as most common and most powerful in their lives. Love, while most common and most powerful, is listed last – and it has to be. Let’s look at the other nine positive emotions first in order to understand the positioning of love, and also Dr. Fredrickson’s explanation of what love is.

Here’s a short description…

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