The Zen Millionaire’s 14 secrets to happiness

The Zen Millionaire’s 14 secrets to happiness

1. Happiness is making others happy

Like family: My wife loves Mary Engelbrecht’s calendars. We have several around the house. My perennial favorite’s a jolly, happy, bright-colored Santa strolling along with a huge bag of gifts and a cute dog. The caption from Oscar Wilde: ‘some cause happiness wherever they go.” And there’s lots of pages from Engelbrecht’s smaller calendars tacked on our fridge with magnets … they all “cause happiness” with a smile.

2. Happiness is doing what you love (even if you’re not doing it)

‘success is getting what you want,” says Uncle Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha. “Happiness is wanting what you get.” And to University of Nebraska students he admitted: “If there is any difference between you and me, it may simply be that I get up every day and have a chance to do what I love to do, every day … I get to do what I like to do every single day of the year. I tap dance to work, and when I get there, I think I’m supposed to lie on my back and paint the ceiling. It’s tremendous fun.” Moreover he’d do it even if he had “$40 instead of his $40 billion.”

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