Latest Happiness and Positive Psychology News Stories

Latest Happiness and Positive Psychology News Stories

The science of positive psychology (essentially the study of happiness) is growing so quickly and receiving so much attention it’s hard to keep up with all the latest developments. That’s why I’m pleased, here, to offer short updates to relevant stories and research relevant to those of you interested in matters of happiness and positive psychology. Read on below…

Emaxhealth presents the case for happiness being related to gratitude – click here

ABS CBN News presents 4 positive psychology strategies for holding on to happiness and coping with layoffs – click here

The Sudbury Star in Canada reviews the concept of flow, one of the more exciting areas of positive psychology and an experience closely associated with happiness – click here

I hope you enjoy these stories and as I’ve done in the past, I invite you to let us know if you know of any stories and tips relevant to happiness or positive psychology coaching which might be appropriate to post in this blog.