Happiness – via a culture of appreciation

Happiness – via a culture of appreciation

We swim in the soup of constant discourse. The content and meaning of that discourse flavors our lives.

Say you are driving your child to school, and I cut you off in traffic (dead annoying). If you say ê¢__‘–Men drivers – all the bxxx same” then your child has learned that this problem is pervasive (all men) and permanent (no hope).

If you say ê¢__‘–Agh, I wonder what is wrong with that guy today?” then your child has learned this is a temporary problem (today) and limited to one man (me).

Discourse like this goes on all the time – in offices, families, parties and in the street. Our chatter and its meaning is so ever-present, it often becomes submerged below awareness as explanatory style. But this soup we swim in it affects us.

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