Happiness and health…it’s not always that simple!

Happiness and health…it’s not always that simple!

Researchers at National Taiwan University and the University of Arkansas parsed data from the National Health Interview Survey in Taiwan (where 1 in 4 children is overweight). Their study, published recently in the Journal of Happiness Studies, found some perhaps unsurprising but worth-repeating connections. Among them:

— Kids ages 2 to 12 who regularly eat fast food (French fries, pizza or burgers) and indulge in soft drinks (sugar-sweetened beverages) are more likely to be overweight. (Yes, yes, just keep going . . . )

They cite more findings but then…

There’s a conundrum.

The researchers state in their conclusion: “Current and future policy/program interventions that aim to decrease fast food and soft drinks consumption of children to reduce childhood obesity may be more effective if these interventions also focus on ways that could compensate the potential reduction in degree of happiness of children.”

Who knew parents had to choose between maximizing their kids’ chances for health and maximizing their chances for happiness?

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