Achieving happiness: surviving severe stress

Achieving happiness: surviving severe stress

When faced with a massive challenge, most people feel flooded by fear, which triggers the powerful primary negative emotions of anger, anxiety and depression. Their attention becomes riveted on their problems, absorbing all of their resources and energy. Concentration becomes difficult. Confusion is commonplace. Relationships suffer. Eating and sleeping patterns are disrupted. Even the tasks of daily living become difficult.

People who are under tremendous stress can have such intense reactions that they don’t even feel like themselves anymore. Unless they learn to how to cope with the horrible situation in which they find themselves, it can be months or years before they’re able to return to their normal level of functioning.

Entrepreneurs are especially hard hit because they’ve experienced success until this economic crisis hit. It’s difficult for them to comprehend how they could have done everything right to build their business, only to have circumstances out of their control bring them to the brink of disaster. They’re feeling powerless because it doesn’t seem to matter what they try to do to turn their situation around, their business continues to flounder.

For people who are used to feeling in control of their lives, it’s especially challenging to cope with a situation that’s out of control. For men and women who have built their self-esteem around succeeding, it’s deeply troubling for them to feel like they’re failing.

Psychologists have found that two strategies help people to cope: problem-focused coping and emotion-focused coping.

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