Finding happiness for free

Finding happiness for free

Everyone wants to be happy and live a healthy lifestyle. So why do so many people say they are not happy? Stating that if they could only make enough money then all their problems would go away. This is one perspective that often sets people up for frustration and disappointment. There is another perspective to explore here. Money is not the source of happiness even though it_ã_s connected to money all the time.

There are people living on a shoestring budget that are the happiest people in the world. Then there are those that are miserable and continue to blame others for their financial distress never finding peace or happiness. On the other hand there are wealthy people that are happy and generously share their happiness with others, and then there are those that are able to buy anything they want, yet continue to live a miserable life.

The point here is to show that money is not the way to happiness. Yes, you can be happy and have plenty of money, but you can also be happy and have very little. Let_ã_s explore another avenue to finding happiness that doesn_ã_t require money and is available to everyone regardless of the balance in their checking account.

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