Happiness is being grateful for our enemies and irritations

Happiness is being grateful for our enemies and irritations

Following some recent readings in positive psychology and Buddhism I’m coming to believe that we really should love and be grateful for our enemies and all the irritants in our lives.

Why? Well consider this…

Do you think you can live good life, a life of happiness and with meaning, without compassion and patience? Do you believe you can experience real, authentic happiness without calm and contentment?

If, as I hope you have, you answered “no” to the questions asked above, then you’ll agree, I hope, that for a life of happiness we should do all we can to cultivate and to practice compassion, calm, patience and other related emotions.

And what better opportunity to practice these important positive emotions than to test yourself against powerful irritations and frustrations, as these provide us with a range of wonderful tests and trials through which we can better ourselves and, therefore, experience more happiness.

So next time you’re feeling angry or frustrated or irritated or distressed, thank the cause and know that they’re doing you a favour by helping you build compassion and calm, patience and peace and, therefore…happiness.