Easy ways to improve your child’s happiness

Easy ways to improve your child’s happiness


It hurts to see our kids sad or act out in anger. And there is nothing better than to see big smiles between their pinch-able little cheeks.  Although there are obviously many influences that effect the happiness of our little ones, there is one particular influence that is far greater impacting than anything else:  Mom.  A happy mom is the key to happy children.  


Smile more & laugh more.  When your children enter the room, smile at them.  When they get home, greet them with a smile and a voice that shows them you are genuinely happy to see them.  Your smile comforts them and reassures them.  Create opportunities to laugh with your children.  We watch Penguins of Madagascar together and laugh about the episodes for days.  


Use your angry voice sparingly.  Talk to your children (and husband, of course) with love and respect.  When your kid asks for something, don’t mutter, “Sure.”  Instead, smile big and say, “Sure baby, no problem!”  Speak politely.  If your kids speak angry to you, it’s probably because you speak angry to them.  Even discipline should mostly be done with a calm, loving voice.  A great man once said to reserve loud voices for when the house is on fire.  Listen to yourself!  Do you sound like a happy mom who adores her children?  Improve the way you speak to your kids, and they will feel more loved and secure.    


Your children watch your reactions and mimic them.  They follow your example, weather you like it or not.  If you have a consistent, happy mood, your children will too.  I know that’s not always possible, because we have stress and disappoinment to deal with.  But remember that you have control over your moods.  If you feed your “pity party”, it will last longer and negatively effect your children.  For the benefit of your children (and husband), learn to control your moods and temper.


Your children want to please you.  Praise them often with specific great reviews.   


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