Building resilience for happiness – free webinar!

Building resilience for happiness – free webinar!

No matter who you are or what you do you will, at some stage in your life, be forced to face adversity. Resilience is that very special thing that allows some people to face adversity more effectively, to bounce back more quickly and to more easily find solutions to difficulties and problems (and hence, enjoy more happiness not just in good times but also in bad).

The good news is that resilience (like happiness) can be learned; it can be developed. Once you know the strategies that make up resilience you can practice them and just like any other skills, the more you practice them the better you get; the more resilient you become the more able you are to get through those difficult times and enjoy the good times.

In this free webinar, The Happiness Institute’s highly regarded founder, clinical and coaching psychologist Dr. Timothy Sharp, will present a number of simple but powerful positive psychology strategies for building your resilience and for coping with challenges.

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