Happiness around the world

Happiness around the world

Although this is almost certainly a blatant marketing/promotional campaign for the well known soft-drink maker it does make for interesting reading for those of us keeping abreast of all things happiness…

Beginning Today Consumer Votes Will Determine The Final Three Travelers Who Will
Visit 206 Countries Where Coca-Cola Is Sold That Will Be Documented Online With
Video, Photos And Blog Posts At Expedition206.com

ATLANTA–(Business Wire)–

Countless people have taken a year off to travel, but nobody has ever embarked
on a trip quite like this before – 206 countries, covering 150,000 miles in just
365 days.

From Aruba to Zimbabwe and nearly every nation in between, a team of three young
people will attempt to visit 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold to seek out
what makes people happy and share their happiness and enthusiasm with the rest
of the world.

Dubbed `Expedition 206`, the year-long adventure throughout 2010 will bring
Coca-Cola`s Open Happiness campaign to life as the travelers visit with people
from different cultures, document their experiences and share stories of
happiness throughout their journey.

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