Creating a path to career happiness

Creating a path to career happiness

Whether heading into the workforce for the first time or perhaps being shuffled around by the lousy economy and a difficult job market, many people _ã_ employed or not _ã_ are evaluating and reevaluating their career paths.

For most, long gone are the days when an adult cupped their chin in hand and asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” With a sparkle in their eyes, every child has an answer _ã_ based on their dreams and heroes admired up close or from afar. If those wishes were job offers, the workplace would be full of ballerinas and baseball players, movie starlets and superheroes, jet pilots and pop stars.

“Even as grown-ups, choosing a career is really an exciting topic, and yes, as we get older, sometimes the process can be a little bit more daunting,” says Danielle Grey, director of career services at South University in West Palm Beach.

“When people come to talk to me about career planning, I begin with the hardest part: Look inside yourself first. Discover who you are. Then, design what you can do _ã_ and what you cannot do _ã_ to be effective in the work world.”

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