A few clues on finding happiness

A few clues on finding happiness

Happiness is not just a feeling but a science. CBS station WCBS-TV in New York spoke to the experts to learn not only how to get happy, but how to stay that way.

It was a popular New Year’s resolution for 2010.

But just like losing weight or saving money, resolving to be happy _ã_ and staying that way _ã_ can be easier said than done.

“Many people feel that being happy isn’t possible _ã_ it’s something you either are or you’re not, it’s good luck or it isn’t,” psychiatrist Dr. John Tamerin says.

But experts in the field of happiness, also known as positive psychology, say happiness can not only be learned, it can be mastered _ã_ if you know how.

“It’s like deciding, ‘I could be a golfer,’ or, ‘I could learn to ski,'” Dr. Tamerin says.

“One day, it was Christmas Eve 1990, it was around five o’clock _ã_ and I realized, ‘I’m happy,'” Happiness Club founder Lionel Ketchian says.

Nineteen years ago, Ketchian, a Connecticut resident, resolved to do everything he could to keep his happy, holiday feeling.

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