Eighteen Tips for _ã–Little Things_㝠to Boost Your Happiness at the Office

Eighteen Tips for _ã–Little Things_㝠to Boost Your Happiness at the Office

Your happiness at work will depend mostly, of course, on how much you like your job and your co-workers. But, as Samuel Johnson observed, _ã–It is by studying little things that we attain the great art of having as little misery, and as much happiness as possible._ã

Here are some little things to consider that have helped me find more happiness at work. A few minor adjustments can give a real boost in mood and comfort. Even if these suggestions don’t relate directly to your particular job, you might be able to adapt the strategy for your workplace.

Your work space:

1. Check for eyestrain: put your hand to your forehead in a salute. If your eyes feel relieved, your space is too bright.

2. Get a good desk chair and take the time to adjust it properly. (A friend works at a big company where they have a person who specializes in this task!)

3. Sit up straight and lower your shoulders_ã”every time I do, I instantly feel more energetic and cheerier.

4. Think about how your space could be more pleasant. Could you invest in some desk accessories to help stay organized? Could you replace that hideous lamp?

5. Get a phone headset. I resisted for a long time, because it looks so preposterous, but it_ã_s really much more comfortable, and it lets me walk around when I’m on the phone, which boosts my energy. I also initially resisted the advice to_ã_

6. Get additional monitors. I now have three monitors, and they make me so happy! The ability to have multiple pages up at once saves me a huge amount of time. (Back to #1: after I got my three monitors, I noticed that my face hurt. I finally realized that my three monitors were all set to maximum brightness, so I_ã_d been squinting all day. Turning down the brightness levels fixed the problem.)

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