Happiness is…making positive changes

Happiness is…making positive changes

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got; so if you’re not as happy as you’d like to be then for more happiness, you might need to consider doing something different. Even if you already have a healthy degree of happiness in your life there will still be times, due to things changing around you, when you’ll need to consider making adjustments. Happy people adjust to change to maximise their happiness regardless of what’s going on around them; here’s how they do it…

Most people know what they _ã–should_㝠do to live a healthy and happy life. To be fitter and healthier, for example, everyone knows they should eat less fat/sugar/salt, eat more fruit and vegetables, and exercise more. The reality is it_ã_s not rocket science. But why, then, do so few people do these things well?

The answer is because so few people have an effective system in place. If you want to develop healthier habits try these simple, but powerful strategies.

1. Set SMART – ER goals

SMART stands for specific; measurable; achievable; relevant and timed. In addition, it_ã_s important to _ã–stretch_㝠yourself and also to evaluate and review your progress regularly.

2. Have _ã–happy hour_㝠every day

Do something fun, pleasurable, enjoyable, satisfying and/or stimulating every day. And preferably, make it a routine.

3. Focus on the good

Remind yourself of the benefits of taking effective action and of engaging in activities that will enhance your health and happiness (especially if they might not be realised in the short term).

4. Love yourself for being SMART

Reward yourself for making positive changes, for trying to engage in healthy and productive activities, or simply just for trying. Doing so will significantly increase your chances of continuing helpful habits in the long term.

5. Make it fun with others

Find a _ã–buddy_㝠with whom to exercise, challenge negative thoughts, engage in good deeds or whatever. Most activities are more enjoyable with a supportive friend and if they_ã_re more
enjoyable you_ã_ll find you_ã_re more likely to keep them up.

If you think you_ã_d benefit from a more detailed explanation of these principles, consider one of my publications like _ã–The Happiness Handbook_㝠as well as The Happiness Institute_ã_s series of happiness workbooks – available here.

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