10 easy ways to be happy now

10 easy ways to be happy now

by Randy Taran for the Huffington Post

Happiness is an elusive thing — we all want it, but why are some people more happy than others? We only have to look at young children at play to notice that they exude happiness. Why is it that wonderful quality seems to fade as we grow older? It doesn’t have to. The latest findings in neuroscience suggest that the brain can change. With certain exercises and practices, we can indeed harness more happiness. The byproduct of living happily makes us more successful on every level, not just in terms of career success.

Sounds great, but what can we do now that will set the foundation for a fulfilled, happy and meaningful life?

The Happiness Muscle: Neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson compares happiness to a muscle that can be developed with practice. It’s like tennis; you may not play at Wimbledon next week, but with practice, your skills will definitely grow, and you will end up seeing real results. So how can we develop that happiness muscle, and start pumping up our happiness?

Here are 10 easy tips that can make a real difference:

  1. know your strengths
  2. choose your mindset
  3. be grateful
  4. clean your lens
  5. know your happiness triggers
  6. connect with others
  7. be good to others
  8. love and be loving
  9. keep things simple
  10. look after your body

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