Happiness lessons from the Tao (No. 2)

Happiness lessons from the Tao (No. 2)

Happiness means many different things to many different people but many of us don’t really know what it means to us, as individuals. Even those of us who do know how to define our happiness are often easily distracted by the apparent distractions of what others might want us to think happiness is. From this week’s eNewsletter I bring you a short, but profound story (another in our Tao series) which I hope will prompt you to review how and where you live your life…

While sitting on the banks of the P_ã_u River, Chuang-tse was approached by two representatives of the Prince of Ch_ã_u, who offered him a position at the court. Chuang-tse watched the water flowing by as if he had not heard. Finally, he remarked, _ã–I am told that the Prince has a sacred tortoise, over two thousand years old, which is kept in a box, wrapped in silk and brocade._ã

_ã–This is true,_㝠the officials replied.

 _ã–If the tortoise had been given a choice,_㝠Chuang-tse continued, _ã–which do you think he would have liked better _ã_ to have been alive in the mud, or dead within the palace?_ã

_ã–To have been alive in the mud, of course,_㝠the men answered.

_ã–I too prefer the mud,_㝠said Chuang-tse. _ã–Good-bye._ã

Want more happiness in your life? Go play in the mud!