Is Zappos the happiest workplace in the world?

Is Zappos the happiest workplace in the world?

by Jeremy McCarthy for Positive Psychology News Daily

It is hard to understand why any CEO would be willing to invite colleagues and competitors alike to learn how to re-create the culture that has been at the root of the company_ã_s success. But reading Delivering Happiness, which is autobiographical in nature, you follow Hsieh (pronounced _ã–Shay_ã) on his path from a quest for profits to passion and finally to purpose. If your goal is more profits, sharing your ideas with competitors is a horrible idea. But if you want to change the world, you have to let people in, argues Hsieh.

Many people don_ã_t realize that Hsieh was already a success story before he founded Zappos. He co-founded an internet start-up called LinkExchange at the height of the dot com boom and sold it to Microsoft for $265 million. It turns out that getting filthy stinking rich while doing something you are not passionate about is a good way to learn that wealth and happiness do not necessarily go hand in hand. It helped Hsieh realize he needed something more.

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