Happiness…during busy times

Happiness…during busy times

I seem to have a lot on at the moment; and I mean A LOT on (professionally and personally); and it’s during these busy times that I try even harder to practice what I preach. As Dr. Happy, Chief Happiness Officer of The Happiness Institute (now that’s a mouthful of a title!) I spend a lot of time talking about what people can do to have more happiness in their lives…

…but I also try as hard as I can to implement these principles in my own life as I, as much as anyone, want happiness in my life.

So over this last week or so I’ve been working harder than ever to maintain a grip on happiness and not to let stress take over. How? Well for me, these seem to be the most important things (at the moment, anyway):

  • Stay in the moment; try not to worry about what has been or what might be. The “now” is the only moment I can control or in which I can do something constructive
  • Take things one step at a time; it really is the only way anything can be taken
  • Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t; emphasise the positive rather than the negative. I know this sounds cliche’d but it works by creating positivity and energy and motivation that then drives real and helpful behaviours
  • Don’t feel you have to do it all on your own; use your supports, your friends and colleagues; allow them into your life so they can play a role as well
  • And keep your eye on the end prize; don’t be distracted by obstacles and hurdles. Every road has a few bumps along the way but remember where you’re going and just as importantly, why you want to go there

There are many other strategies as well but for now, I hope my sharing what helps me hold on to happiness during busy periods helps you also. Let me know what else helps you by joining in our discussions on Facebook!