Jerry Lopper on Ed Deiner – one of the world’s leading happiness experts

Jerry Lopper on Ed Deiner – one of the world’s leading happiness experts

Everyone wants to be happier. Once we have food, shelter, and basic security, nearly everything we seek in life is driven by a search for greater happiness.

We seek great relationships because positive human relationships make us happier. We seek spiritual understanding because the faith and the promise of a positive after-life are comforting and we_ã_re happier feeling comfortable. We work hard, study hard, and do our best to earn a comfortable income in order to have enough resources to purchase those things we hope will make us happier.

Aristotle summed it up very well over 2300 years ago saying, _ã–Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence._ã

One of the world_ã_s current foremost experts on human happiness isn_ã_t Dr. Phil, it_ã_s Ed Diener, a plain-speaking, unimposing psychologist who has studied happiness for over 25 years. Diener has authored over 300 publications and served in leadership positions in many prominent psychology organizations. He is a past president of IPPA, the International Positive Psychology Association.

So it was with great interest and anticipation that I recently joined the International Positive Psychology Association_ã_s Leadership Series conference featuring Ed Diener.

Why it Pays to be Happy

There_ã_s a reason humans inherently strive for happiness once we_ã_re fed, sheltered, and safe. Happiness is not only good for us, it_ã_s good for those around us. Diener pointed out that on average (this is important) happy people are healthier, live longer, are more productive, have stronger relationships, and are more helpful to others…

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