Happiness lessons from teaching

Happiness lessons from teaching

This morning I presented a half-day workshop to a very special group of people. I guess you could say that all people are special in their own way but these people, attending a course I delivered on happiness and positive psychology coaching were all, in some way or other, working in the not-for-profit sector.

That means, as you can probably guess, that they were all doing incredible things for some very needy people and they were all, not surprisingly, very passionate about their organisations and communities.

As is often the case, I learned just as much as I taught and today, I especially learned some important lessons for happiness such as…

  • if you do what you love and love what you do you’ll be happy
  • if you do good you’ll feel good
  • if you support others they’ll support you
  • by helping others you’ll help yourself
  • finding meaning and purpose is key to happiness (especially at work)
  • passion is so energising
  • there are lots of really good people doing really good things
  • and positive psychology is vitally important in so many contexts…as is happiness!

Ostensibly, I was teaching 25 people about happiness and positive psychology today; in reality, I learned just as much about happiness from them as they learned from me. And to top it all off…we had a lot of fun!