5 Essentials You Need for Happiness

5 Essentials You Need for Happiness

by Kristen Houghton.for the Huffington Post

Happiness is subjective; what makes one person happy won’t necessarily make another one feel the same. But even being subjective in defining our individual criteria for happiness, there are still some basic essentials we all need to live a happy life.

Health in 3 Forms

This is a universally accepted essential. Your health is the most important component of happiness. It isn’t just physical health that is required for happiness but mental and emotional as well. Without these three forms of health, your chances of happiness dwindle. You are surviving and not living. Keeping yourself healthy in all ways is essential. Make every effort to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Good health is a priceless commodity…

…what are the other 4 happiness essentials?


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