What makes women happy?

What makes women happy?

by Adele Horin for the Sydney Morning Herald

WHAT makes women happy? Julia Gillard’s ascension to power in June made Australian women very happy, according to a new study that has charted the nation’s well-being for a decade.

”It could be the swearing in of a woman to the top job improved the aspirations of women,” said Bob Cummins, professor of psychology at Deakin University, and the author of the study.

Women’s well-being rose significantly higher than men’s under a female prime minister but the satisfaction was short-lived.

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By September women’s and men’s satisfaction with government had plummeted to the lowest level the survey had recorded. ”The novelty had worn off,” Professor Cummins said.

The report What Makes Us Happy? brings together 10 years of findings from the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index. It highlights the factors that contribute to personal highs and lows as well as to the nation’s satisfaction with government.

The index shows women on the whole are happier than men, and married people happier than others – but only if they have made a good match. The rich are happier than the poor, up to a point. The elderly are happier than the middle-aged and people in country towns are cheerier than their city cousins…

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