Check out this cool iPad happiness app

Check out this cool iPad happiness app

I love technology, I really do; I love being able to access information pretty much any where and any time and I love being able to be in touch with colleagues and friends no matter where I am. But…

…I’ve just developed what I think is the coolest app for the iPad (and other devices).


OK, OK…I didn’t actually “develop” this app but I want to draw your attention to it because one of the most important features of these really cool and really useful tools is too often ignored or overlooked.

iPhones and Blackberries and all the other wonderful devices and tech tools can do wonderful things for us and for our lives but when it comes to happiness…they can also do damage!

Happiness can be enhanced by access to others and to information and to fun games and more but…constant interruptions and distractions from meaningful relationships can also be problematic.

So if happiness is something you want more of then enjoy your gadgets, as I do, but don’t forget to use the coolest app of all from time to time…the OFF BUTTON!

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